According to change management essay:

1st (Leadership) and
2nd (Principle of transformational leadership) part was good. However, 3rd (Kotter’s 8-steps model) and 4th (Leading change in hospital) need changes.
• Mention example of different methods different than kotters 8 steps just as an example.
• Put 8-steps in schedule and refer to it in the text, don’t mention it because the tutor said that we all know what kotter’s steps are and she want us to implement these steps and contextualize it in the text.

Also mention:
• Who are you? = Pharmacist
• Your role? = Leader who lead the antimicrobial stewardship program in a hospital where this program was not exist before.

• Write about Antimicrobial stewardship program (AMS) as a global issue and give information. For example, Based on NICE, the number of resistance is ……. .

• Explain Antimicrobial stewardship program, using Kotter’s 8 steps leading this program in a hospital and initiate this program.

Tutor Feedback:
The star of the essay is good however it does not continue as well and more work is needed:

• There is no reference to antimicrobial stewardship?
• What is it (with references and evidence)
• No description of your setting (i.e. hospital)
• Who needs to be part of the AMS team and why? Evidence?
• There is no criticality of method, leadership styles, models of change?
• The sentences are taken from text book and not contextualized within the setting
• Not enough references (15 and more)
• What is your role? There is no mention of you here!
Total word count is 1500

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