Lesson Plan

As more and more schools cut funding for the arts from budgets, the onus is on teachers to continue to
emphasize and celebrate the arts, often through integrating it into curricular areas. This lesson plan project is
designed for students to create a lesson plan that creatively integrates one of the arts areas focused on within
this course (music, movement, or drama).
Lesson Plan Instructions:
Create a lesson plan using Hunter’s 7-step lesson plan format that integrates either music, movement, or
drama into a co-curricular area. The lesson plan must be original and created by you; please do not copy a
lesson plan created by another student/teacher. While you may research other lesson plans for
ideas/inspiration, the actual lesson plan you submit must be your own work.
Your lesson plan must provide substantive detail for each step, per Hunter’s model. (For instance, in the “Direct
Instruction” section, please provide step-by-step information about how you will teach this information to
students.) When listing applicable content standards for the lesson, be sure to use the most recent California
Arts standards.
After completing the lesson plan, provide a 2-3 paragraph reflection on the process of creating this lesson plan.
Your response should address the following points:
What challenges did you face in creating this lesson plan (if any)? How did you overcome these challenges?
What did you learn about integrating the arts across the curriculum through the process of creating this lesson
plan? How important is arts integration to you, as a future teacher?
What did you learn through this assignment that you plan to use in your future classroom?
Hunter’s Lesson Plan Information and Template
Ideas for Ways to Integrate Arts Education into Co-Curricular Areas

Sample Solution