Managerial Position duties and responsibilities

I have a project where i interviewed a manager and i have to make a report in an essay format. The report should exhibit an introduction, body and a conclusion. The questions and answers should be integrated in the body section. each paragraph should not begin with a question. the questions are the following: 1) Name of manager? Victor Bravo 2)What is the title of the position? Store manager 3)How many years has he been working as a manager? 7 years. How many years with the current position of store manager? recently promoted 4)Description of a managers responsibility? 5)Positive aspects of being a manager? 6)Negative aspects of being a manager? 7)What do you like of being a manager? 8)What is a good advice or suggestion to becoming a manager? 9)What is an overall impression of a good manager? 10)Does family help you by supporting you on days when you are not around? 11)What sacrifice or what you have to give up to become a manager? 12)If there is a weakness you have to improve, what would be? 13)What a manager can do to help the community like social responsibilities?

Sample Solution