Market analysis

Description of assessment:
You are a group of advisors to the Management Board in your company.
In determining the company’s strategy in the next 5 years, your managers have
required you to prepare a 2,500 word market report. The market report should, as a
minimum, address the following key issues:

  1. A description of your company and the industry your company is in, including:
    ? An overview of the company.
    ? An overview of the industry (including some key statistics such as
    revenue, employment, the industry’s contribution to national GDP,
    and industry growth rate).
  2. An analysis of the market structure the industry is in, including:
    ? The type of market structure it is in and why (based on the
    characteristics of the industry).
    ? The market leaders in the industry and some statistics about them.
  3. A discussion about (i) two determinants of demand, and (ii) two determinants
    of supply for your product(s) or service(s) that you consider to be the most
  4. A discussion about the demand elasticity for your product(s) or service(s)
    which answers the following questions:
    ? Is your product(s) or service(s) elastic or inelastic? Why?
    ? What are two factors that you consider affect the elasticity of demand
    for your product (or line of products) the most? Why so? (You can
    research for evidence to justify your argument(s)).
  5. An analysis of a recent event that has (or is likely to have) substantial impacts
    on your industry. The analysis may include:
    ? A brief description about that event.
    ? How has that event
    ? What is the likely effect of that event on the market price and quantity?
    Note that relevant empirical evidence can be researched and provided
    to support your arguments.
    Note: if your company has many products and/or services, you can select a
    representative product/service to discuss for points (2); (3); (4); and (5).
    You may choose one of the following companies for your market report:
    Wesfarmers, CBA, and BHP Billiton.
    This report should provide useful information for your company’s Management
    Board. It should use a variety of resources, including the textbook, newspapers,
    industry reports, the ABS website, and other sources. A list of several websites that
    may be useful to you is attached.
    Your report should include a table of contents, an executive summary, and subheadings. It needs to be properly referenced using the Harvard style and at least 5
    Grading process
    Each student in the group will receive the same mark for this assignment.
    Your report will be graded on the following criteria:
    ? The degree of understanding and knowledge about the company and the
    industry which is shown in the description and analysis of market structure? The degree of analysis of demand and supply determinants; determinants of
    price elasticity of demand? The analysis of a recent event that has some substantial impacts on the industry? The degree of research, the format, structure, presentation, and writing of the

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