Market and Spencer radical transformation

Write a paper about the present situation that Market and Spencer is facing which is (departments closure) “radical transformation”.

The issue could be (a) an opportunity that will benefit the organization, (b) a problem that the organizations are facing currently, (c) or could be both (i.e., opportunity and problem). In your analysis, you and your group members should 1. Provide clear detail of the problem/opportunity that a real organization is facing. 2. Detail why this problem/opportunity is important and why the organization should take it in consideration. 3. Identify the stakeholders of the selected problem/opportunity. 4. Provide detail information about what the organization should do to resolve the identified problem or should do to take advantage of the identified opportunity. 5. Discuss how the information that you learned from the power points (organization behavior) can help you understand and deal with the selected problem/opportunity. 6. Identify and discuss what other topics/elements could be learned to help you understand and deal with the selected problem/opportunity. 7. Although the above-identified points are important, I would like you to surprise the readers/audience by being creative/innovative and including elements that goes above and beyond what is listed above.




Sample Solution