Marketing strategy

Scenario: You have been hired as a Marketing consultant. Your job is to assess current marketing performance
by conducting an audit of current marketing efforts, in relation to the marketing mix. This involves, finding
evidence of marketing, analysing that evidence using theoretical frameworks and evaluating the effectiveness
of the marketing elements. Additionally, you then need to evaluate the marketing mix performance as a whole
and offer recommendations for enhancement.
The aim of this assessment is to increase learner knowledge of the marketing mix and be able to use
marketing mix understanding to critically evaluate a real-life case. To perform well, learners will need to actively
participate in lectures and complete the assigned readings each week. Learners will also need conduct
research into relevant theory, as well as researching the marketing evidence. Evaluation and recommendations
will also be a crucial component of this task. Please ensure you consult the full marking criteria.
The case for this semester is Mizzie the Kangaroo.
Students are provided some initial background information and some basic evidence to direct initial
understanding. However, you are expected to extend this research to understand the market place and to
locate evidence of the marketing and the theoretical basis for marketing. You are to investigate the brand and
use available evidence to determine the current marketing mix strategy, to analyse the effectiveness of the
strategy and then make recommendations for future.
You have been provided a template to follow, it includes the headings, you need to fill in all of the detail. You
are to work through the following topics, addressing all areas in the written report. You should discuss relevant
theory, evidence and evaluation. The basic overview includes an introduction, followed by a detailed customer
persona that you will create, with justification. The 4Ps will then be examined and each is to be evaluated with
a score out of 10, providing justification for this score. As an example of evaluation, (not from this semester,
just an example for illustrative purposes), you’d have a heading with evaluation followed by detailed justification
of that score. Following this, the marketing mix will be evaluated with a score out of 10, with justification.
Recommendations should then be proposed and justified before concluding the report.
Report requirements
The report should include a full marketing mix evaluation, working through the content from each topic,
evaluating the current evidence to determine the effectiveness of the strategy and making recommendations,
with support from marketing theory. Your report will be your own work and backed by your own evidence,
evaluation and recommendations. Please ensure you consult the marking criteria for full details of
expectations. Notably, students will not just list evidence but will consider and evaluate the marketing mix in
relation to optimal marketing success.
The report should follow the template provided and be a maximum of 2,000 words (+/- 10%) excluding cover
page, table of content, reference list and appendices (everything else including tables, figures, heading,
captions, etc are included in the word count). APA Referencing is desirable. A minimum of 10 scholarly
academic sources (peer reviewed theory) are desired at a pass level, along with additional industry and
company sources.
Where should I start?
This report requires in-depth analysis and evaluation which takes time. Please start this early so you have time
to thoroughly work through all areas. There are many places to start but some ideas for you include…
£Ensure you’ve watched the approach to assessment video in the Assessment folder
£Watch the A2 overview video – in A2 folder
£Review the Mizzie the kangaroo overview details and evidence provided in Assessment 2 folder and start to
conduct some of your own research
£Watch the library video on how to conduct research – accessed via Library Links
£Look at industry reports and some possible statistics, accessed via Library Links – course guide
£Look up scholarly articles about the topics. You can start in your textbook and see if there are useful
references noted there and track them down. You can also use textbook discussions to inform your keyword
£Start making some notes in your template to see where you have gaps in your knowledge.

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