Position Paper

Should Florida decrease funding for the University of South Florida? (The position of the paper should be that Florida should not decrease funding for the University of South Florida).

The assignment calls for 750-1250 words. At approximately 250 words a page, that gives us about 4-5 pages, which at about 3 paragraphs a page, is roughly 10-15 paragraphs. Our outline already has us prepared for an introduction, context, three claims with evidence for each, a refutation, and a conclusion.

Different writers approach developing an outline differently. One way to start is with the context and develop it before moving into the claims and evidence. Because the context can be expanded or condensed to fit the assignment length as needed, some writers prefer to start with a claim and expand each claim and its evidence individually and equally before moving to the refutation and then the context. Finalizing the conclusion and introduction last is pretty standard.

Sample Solution