Recruiting and hiring.

Selection and staffing are more than just recruiting and hiring. Bierman et al. (2016) teach that staffing, as part of the long-term business planning process, evaluates the internal and external market to determine the employees an organization needs today and will need for future goals. With so many job openings nationally, the market for talent is more competitive than ever. “Many economists hoped that the pandemic had created such an unusual situation that employers would waive their normal requirements and change their screening techniques, especially since they are currently trying to hire so many workers. But so far, little of that has occurred” (Long & Rosenberg, 2021, para 25). Shellenbarger (2016) wrote that some employers take longer to source and screen candidates than in years past. Employers do not want to make the mistake of hiring too quickly and ending up with the wrong person for the job. These mistakes can be costly in terms of budget, poor performance, and customer dissatisfaction. Lengthy interview processes may be more valuable for hiring managers but adversely affect candidates’ self-esteem. Assembling interview marathons with decision-makers, prospective co-workers, and senior leaders identify applicant fit and culture. Candidates get to meet multiple people and get a sense of what it will be like to work there. Requiring personality and skills tests may show job seekers that the company is thorough. However, performing well during these scenarios can be daunting and time-consuming for job seekers. Furthermore, Shellenbarger (2016) explains that how an employer treats applicants during the selection process are a good indicator of the business culture. Some employers make the process so complex that top talent loses interest or become frustrated and move on to another opportunity.


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