Reflect on the scholarship we have covered thus far in the course and make an academic recommendation to each of the individuals listed. Specifically, you are recommending academic scholarship for the individuals to explore, and as such, you will identify and explain each recommendation and also present your rationale for each choice. You have options in terms of your recommendation. For example, you may recommend a particular theorist or theory for the individual to explore. Another option is to recommend further exploration of a particular concept or idea. The choice is yours. You may select multiple theorists or you may challenge yourself to find one theorist or concept that applies to all the individuals identified. In each case, please be sure provide sufficient details, so that it is clear that you understand the recommendations you are making. The target individuals are listed below: A novice teacher A veteran teacher An individual who is not a teacher (be sure to identify what the person does or any other characteristic about the person that is important)

Sample Solution