Sexism in the work place

The topic | chose to write my paper on is sexism in the workplace. There are many social issues going on today, but the one that catches my attention the most is sexism in the workplace. For about five years now, I’ve worked in a corporate building as a front desk security officer, and | have witnessed sexism in the workplace, and saw all the changes that were brought as a consequence, while some issues were left untouched. | would like to go in to more details and find out how this issue can be dissolved, or at least treated with more seriousness.
2) These are my three sources:
“Sexism in the workplace is still an issue.” Mirror [London, England] 27 Nov. 2018: 12. Business Insights: Global. Web. 20 Feb. 2019.
Nature [Nature] 2018 Sep; Vol. 561 (7723), pp. 421-423.
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