Describe the similarities and differences between gymnosperms and angiosperms. (One paragraph)

a.Why are conifers classified as gymnosperms and not angiosperms?

In a conifer, where does the union of the egg and sperm occur? (One paragraph)

a. How does sperm reach the egg?

. Describe the structure and shape of the conifer needle. (One paragraph)

a. What is the role of the conifer needle?

b. How does its structure help conserve water?

. What purpose do the root hairs serve? (One paragraph)

c. What purpose does the tap root serve?

. What is the function of the seed coat? (One paragraph)

a. What is the benefit of the stored carbohydrates in the seed?

What generation, sporophyte or gametophyte, does the embryo of a seed represent?(One paragraph)

. Describe the function of Flower and Petiole (One paragraph)

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