Strategic Management Case Study Analysis on Amazon

Based solely on the Case Study Attached (no need to refer to external sources, except for recommendations), answer the following questions 1. How is Amazon using its core competency in its diversification efforts? Using a Core competency Matrix. [~150 words] – What is Amazon’s core competency? 2. Does unrelated diversification (give examples from the case) contribute to Amazon’s competitive advantage? Short VRIO on unrelated diversifications so far to justify whether it allows them to achieve sustainable CA/temporary CA etc). When companies diversify or integrate, the activities should complement or supplement their core competency. [200 words] 3. Do a BCG analysis to classify current segments that Amazon has (mentioned in the case) to the different BCG categories.[200 words] 4. One of the most profitable business endeavors that Amazon pursues is its cloud service offering, AWS. Is AWS related to Amazon’s core business? (No) Why or why not? Some investors are pressuring Jeff Bezos to spin out AWS as a standalone company. Do you agree with this corporate strategy recommendation? Why or why not? Hint: Do you believe AWS would be more valuable within Amazon or as a standalone company? [~200 words] 5. How can Amazon remain competitive against competitors like Alibaba & Walmart? [200 words]




Sample Solution