Supporting Home-School-Community Partnerships

For this assignment, you will research a community organization and develop a professional presentation that focuses on Supporting Home-School-Community Partnerships. Your presentation should utilize PowerPoint and include a professional format to present your information. You are encouraged to use visual elements to enhance the presentation but make sure the overall visual components do not detract from the content.
Your presentation should include information on each of the pieces outlined below [a minimum of one slide per point].
Title slide with title of presentation, your name, and date. Identify a community organization which supports early childhood education. Provide slide(s) that summarize the main focus of the community organization. Identify a specific need for children and families in your early childhood practice. Provide slide(s) that summarize the need. Provide slide(s) that address how this community organization supports the specific need you identified for children and families in your early childhood program. Address how the children, families and early childhood program can support the community organization. Include specific steps needed to from a partnership. Identify the communication plan needed to form the partnership. Provide information on why this is important. Provide the specific steps required to implement the communication plan. Identify the intended benefits of the model. Identify key theories that support the benefits of home-school-community partnerships. Include a summary of the information. Reference slide Your PowerPoint presentation should reflect proper spelling and grammar.

Sample Solution