The Mediating Role of Work Engagement

The Impact of Empowerment Leadership on Creative Outcomes of The Organization: The Mediating Role of Work Engagement
Broadly, a research proposal consists of an effective topic, strong introduction, and critical literature review,
followed by a proposed means for investigating some question
of interest. This should lead naturally into your research question and hypotheses, so that the reader will
immediately understand how your hypotheses will advance an understanding of the topic and contribute to the
literature. Your paper should be structured as follows:
Introduction. (Do you “set the hook”? (Grant & Pollock, 2011 – see week 2 readings)
Literature Review (Build a logical, theory-based argument to ground each of your hypotheses (see Sparrowe
& Mayer, 2011, in week 2 readings). Be sure to cite primary sources rather than secondary sources.
Research Model (Diagram a “boxes and arrows” model showing how you believe your variables of interest
are related. This model should answer your research question.)
Hypotheses (Are you hypotheses clearly written? Do they demonstrate how the constructs in the model are
Methods (Describe the sample, data collection process, definition of independent and dependent variables,
and the statistical analysis that you would use to gather and analyze data for your proposed research.)
Discussion (Although your research findings may lead you to different thoughts, what do you think will be the
likely practical and theoretical implications of your research model, the possible limitations of your research,
and the likely areas for future research to extend this research question?)

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