The Zombie Film

Before our next scheduled class, watch Blood Quantum (this film is available on Criterion-on-Demand), then
write a concise critical response (150-200 words, excluding works cited) linking this film to the reading for this
week (Comentale) and/or the Learning Bundle on Decolonization.
Prompts (optional, feel free to come up with your own):
•What elements in Blood Quantum portray issues raised in the Learning Bundle “Decolonization is for
•Ostensibly, Lysol is the antagonist of Blood Quantum. But how could one argue that his anger is justified and
righteous (even if it is ultimately destructive)?
•Pick any character in Blood Quantum and discuss them in relation to the Learning Bundle and/or assigned
reading for this week.
•How does the zombie figure lend itself to allegorical readings in Blood Quantum?
WARNING: This film is a horror movie. It contains scenes of violence and gore.

Sample Solution