“Unwrapping a Standard”

Planning for instruction begins with identifying appropriate state content standards to be taught. Analyzing these standards provides the basis for instructional planning.

Select a grade level (K-8 elementary or K-12 special education) and a content area of your choice. Choose one standard from the content area. This standard will be the focus of your assignments throughout this course.

Using the “Unwrapping a Standard” template, analyze the standard and possible instructional strategies to teach the standard. Your analysis should focus on:

The verbs used within the standard and correlating levels of Bloom’s taxonomy.
How students will show evidence of mastery of each part of the standard.
Appropriate strategies or methods of instruction for teaching the standard to meet the needs of all students
Based on your analysis, write at least two developmentally appropriate learning objectives for the standard. Refer to the “Writing Competency-Based Learning Objectives.”
Support your analysis with three scholarly resources.

Sample Solution