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  1. Name of film, complete website address, and time duration.
  2. Give a detailed description of what was shown on the film.
    (e.g. “This film showed…. This film discussed….”)
  3. Based on the film, what are three things you believe would be valuable for nurses to know
    about the cultural group?
  4. Give one recommendation for how the film could be improved: e.g. something you would like
    to know more about or an unanswered question you have.
  5. Based on what you learned about the cultural group: formulate two relevant nursing assessment questions
    (write these as if you are actually talking to a patient).
  6. Ending (one paragraph): Your own reflective ending thoughts about the film.
  7. Provide a reference citation of this film in APA format.
    NQP / Page 2
    Your Paper (continued)
    ➢ Cover Page for your report is not necessary. Give your report a title and be sure to put your name on your
    ➢ Discuss each film in a separate section. Do not combine your answers for both films.

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