Writing lesson plan

Based upon the book selected for the read aloud in the Reading Experience above, plan a complimentary writing experience and extension activities. Write a lesson plan using the lesson plan template provided by the instructor.
Support instructional decisions (i.e., the lesson plan activities and the extension activities) by citing class readings, handouts, resources, and discussions and including a reference list of the sources formatted in APA style. Describe at least two extension activities that extend the writing experience, including at least one that involves a play-based learning activity. Describe each extension activity in one to two well-developed paragraphs after the lesson plan template.
Students will cite current research from the course textbooks, class discussions and handouts, and/or other relevant peer-reviewed sources to support the information they provide for each Part of the Interactive Reading and Writing Experiences. They will use in-text citations and include a reference list per APA style guidelines.

Sample Solution