19th–early 20th century: SATIRE

First, read this short piece (Links to an external site.). And, then watch an extra treat hereLinks to an external site.. The events are pretty accurate.

Then go hereLinks to an external site. for the second lecture of the week. Here is a suggestion on how to address your Reflection on this lecture.

What lesson can be learned from this story about the appropriate use of satire?
When is it most effective, and why?
Why do you think the woman’s suffrage movement (especially the NWP) choose not to use satire as way to communicate their cause?
Write up your thoughts in 300 words or so. You can cover a single topic or idea you were presented with that resonated with you, or a quick overview of the session and why you think it might be important to the understanding of satire or what you have learned.

TOPIC: in the 30 minutes lecture that you will watch

If you’re an American, why can’t you vote?
Why didn’t the Women’s Suffrage movement use more satire?

Sample Solution