2 of 11 major ‘swing states’ from the 2016 election

In this assignment you will be asked to choose 2 of 11 major ‘swing states’ from the 2016 election and find recent statistical data on the following:

  1. Income
    a. Median household income
    b. Percentage below poverty level
    c. (If possible, types of households & income)
  2. Education
    a. Secondary & Post Secondary education
  3. Ethnicity/Race
    a. Statewide Percentages of ethic groups
  4. Age & Gender (Voting population, by generation)
    a. 20-34
    b. 35-54
    c. 55-69
    d. 70+
    Percentages for all four areas are more helpful than actual numbers.

In writing it’s important to use statistics to support your arguments/conclusions about a subject. A helpful place to go for statistics about different states is the United States Census Bureau website. The American Fact Finder, Community Facts (Links to an external site.) will have a lot of current information listed by state.

Sample Solution