Applications of Mathematics– or Why Mathematics is so important for my chosen area of study?
The students have to work in a small pre-assigned group on the project.
1. Each group is to find in literature a scientific applied project(s)/extended example(s) that relate(s) to their science major or degree program.
2. The students have to recognise and discuss what particular mathematics and /or statistics concepts and skills were utilised in the project and importance of these concepts and skills for the considered project. The information about the project/example history and context has to be included.
3. Assignments are expected to address the assessment criteria (on the mark sheet).
4. It is expected that written assignments should be at least 1000 words, but no more than ten pages in length.
5. Please use Lecture Notes in Computer Science referencing style
6. The assignment is expected to have a list of all references used.
7. The assignment is to be submitted via Turnitin on UTS online to ensure originality of the submitted work.
8. With this assessment task, students will have the opportunity to discover applications of mathematics and/or statistics related to their major or degree program, describe how these concepts and skills arise and explain their significance to their discipline (SLO2, GA1 and GA2). Due to the nature of the task, group work, students will be learning how to interact effectively with their peers (GA3). As the task is a written one, students will have the opportunity to communicate clearly, logically and critically (SLO3 and GA6) using appropriate mathematical and statistical terminology (SLO1).


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