Interview Analysis


Watch the following sections from the video entitled, “An Overview of Investigative Interviewing”

Victim Interview (5:53)
Victim: Retelling the Events (3:53)
Victim Interview: Questions for Clarification (4:07)
Victim: Description of Suspect (6:31)
Victim Perspective (1:08)
As you watch the videos, record notes in relation to what the interviewer is doing well and what he could improve upon. You may need to watch the videos a few times to record his interviewing strengths and weaknesses. Then, write a paper outlining what you observed and how you perceived the interview went. Make sure you include the interviewer’s strengths, weaknesses, your opinion of the overall result, and suggestions which would assist this interviewer in the future.

Format: Between 2-3 pages in length, double-spaced, APA format (if citing sources), double-spaced, with 3 point title page.


Sample Solution