How Internal Communication Interferes with Employee Engagement


How Internal Communication Interferes with Employee Engagement
What should your dissertation proposal look like? Your dissertation proposal should identify the literature, problem statement and research question, method of investigation, main data sources, and references that you will use when writing your dissertation. Part 1 Read current literature Look for literature on topics that you find interesting to motivate your research. Examine what has already been done and look for questions that remain unanswered. Part 2 Formulate a problem statement and research questions Identify the problem and main research question you will explore in your dissertation, plus some sub-questions that you can use to tackle the main question step by step. Part 3 Create a research methodology Explain how you will answer your research questions, including the methods and materials you will use. Part 4 Identify data sources Outline where you will find the data you need, including how you will search the relevant literature and the main journals that you will consult.

The Elements of a Risk Management Plan
Paper Requirements:

• The research paper is 10 pages in length.
• It must be double-spaced.
• It must be written in any one of the following formats:
MS Word (.doc); MS Word Rich Text Format (.RTF); WordPerfect (.WPD); or Works; PDF.
• Font Size should not be larger than 12 point
• Margins should be a minimum of 1”.
• Minimum of Five (5) references in the bibliography are to be used. The text book may be one of the references.
• References may include: textbooks, magazine articles, newspaper articles, reference books (encyclopedia, dictionary) and electronic media Internet material
• The paper is to be written utilizing the APA Format

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