A book/movie written on a mental health issue.

Select a book/movie written on a mental health issue. Appropriate topics may include any of the topics we may
talk about during this semester, as well as, topics that we will not cover. If you have questions about your
potential book or topic, please email your Instructor for guidance regarding books not on this list.
Students will need to identify the MAIN psychological issue or concept of the book/movie and answer the
questions noted below in the correct APA style format. Identify specific concepts or examples to support your
contention and then describe those areas, with examples from your selected book. Write the Clinical
Assessment conforming to APA guidelines as if it would be published; this means you will submit a polished
review. Papers need to be 3-4 pages, not counting Title page or Reference page. Students need to have a
minimum of 5 references.
Clinical Assessment Questions
Define and describe the main mental health issue as noted in the book/movie. If there are more than one, you
may need to settle for one and focus on that, otherwise you are likely to go over the page limit. Discuss the
specific specifiers/symptoms commonly noted in making this diagnosis. Does the author do a good job
describing the disorder as we know it today? Why or why not? Give examples and be specific.
What is the current view on the etiology of this disorder? Are there any controversies regarding this diagnosis?
Does the author address any of these issues?
What was your personal view of the book/movie? Was it uplifting, did it glorify the behaviors? Did it illustrate
recovery from this illness? Would you recommend this book to others? Would it help or harm?

Sample Solution