A Carbon-Neutral Energy Plan for Arzaville

Imagine that you are a resident of Arzaville, a community whose characteristics are described below. You have
come together with your neighbors for a special meeting to devise a plan for helping the community become
carbon-neutral by 2050, meaning that by that time, no net carbon dioxide emissions will be produced by
residents as a whole.
Fortunately, you have all attended the meeting with knowledge that you have gained from your readings in this
course. Now it is time to put your thinking cap on and get to work! Your plan should consist of the following
Energy conservation measures (e.g., promoting carpooling by adding special lanes to local highways).
Steps to move toward sustainable energy production (e.g., installing solar panels on town government
Reducing energy consumption will help, but some actions will have to involve switching to other power sources
for buildings and vehicles as well.
Post your ideas for plan components and share pros and cons of different proposal.
Post at least three separate and entirely original ideas.
The Arzaville description you will be using for this activity
Population: 1,419,516Population
Growth:+8.4%Elevation62 ft. above sea level
Avg. Low Temp (Jan.): 46oFAvg. High Temp (July): 79oFAnnual
Rainfall:21 in.Annual
Snowfall:0 in.
Sunny Days Per Year:266
Drinking Water Source: distant rivers via canals
Urban Area: 372 sq. mi.
Main Power Source:natural gas
Average Commute:24 minutes
% Taking Mass Transit: 4.0%
Top Occupations:health care (12.6%)professional, scientific, technical services (11.8%)retail trade (9.8%)
Overview:The city of Arzaville is located on an ocean coastline and boasts a Mediterranean climate that is
relatively warm and dry year-round. A popular destination for outdoor activities like sailing and surfing, the city
has a strong economy with abundant arts and culture opportunities. Freeways are everywhere and air quality
has declined over the past decade as the resident population has grown substantially  . Away from the coast, the
inland features mountain chains interspersed with desert valleys.

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