A Case Study of Park Village Pines

A Case Study of Park Village Pines

I manage to visit the Park Village Pines which offers senior assisted care and elderly assisted living. It is located in Kalamazoo, in a place of comfort, caring, fellowship, peaceful, and secluded part of the west edge of the city. The place makes life meaningful to the clients by arranging shopping trips, special events, and outings as well as offering worship services to cater for the spiritual and emotional needs of esteemed residents. The Park Village Pines ensures that the elderly are given the assistance and protection they require to make them feel comforted and respected as they have advanced in age.

The visit was conducted on a weekday. Specifically it was 2.00 pm on Tuesday. The weather was not that well promising: it was sunny with interludes of little rain. Since I was well conversant with the place, it took me minimal time to arrive at Park Village Pines. I received a warm welcome and due to my status of being a student, I was not bogged with a myriad of questions of my intention of visiting the homecare. Upon my arrival, I was directed by the security personnel to the secretary’s office. Since I had requested an appointment with the person in charge, the secretary was easy and assisted me in locating the manager’s office. To my surprise events were evolving according to my configured plan. The manager made my day: he was more than welcoming and social. In venturing into the serious business, which was the core of my visit, I was channeled to the officer in charge of the caring unit who was a bit busy with her daily activities but paused for my sake. Before revealing what transpired during the interview, let me briefly describe the place.

It is located in the Kalamazoo city, in the western part. In making effective and efficient day to day running of activities, there is a professional and round-the clock care available for all the elderly and senior residents or clients to the degree of their requirement. The state of the art and computerized care system assists in ensuring comfort and accuracy of the services delivered. In addition, Park Village Pines has a dedicated and responsible staff, which is entirely committed to the principles of respect and compassion for the elderly with minimal supervision. In making the place to deliver unique and quality services, the senior assisted living facilities and items are ultra-modern and meticulously cleaned and maintained with a view of not posing health problems to the elderly. As if this is not enough, the recently completed and renovated main dining room, offer multi-choice three meals, which are served on a daily basis. Moreover, there are semi-private and private rooms that are customer-tailored depending on one’s financial capacitation. Psychologically, Park Village Pines put quality and comfort at the frontline assuring their clients that it is the only place guided by the principles of respect, compassion, and comfort for the elderly. Since Park Village address the psychological concerns of the elderly, it has attracted a large number of senior people and elders.

I leant several lessons from the place. Park Village Pines offer numerous services to their clients and this has made the place to be unique on its kind attracting many elderly and senior people. The services include: exercise classes to make the residents flexible; housekeeping services in ensuring comfort; nutritional meal plan to ensure that clients are given balanced diet; onsite beauty shop in ensuring beautiful and handsome people; laundry; transportation during outings; maintenance of cash accounts for individual spending; shopping trips; emotional and spiritual; counselling; and on-site gift shop for the residents. To my surprise, even clients with greater requirements and needs are also offered residence. These special customers are bathed, toileted, groomed, given medicine, and dressed-up. Therefore, people who require psychological assistance are instantly healed.

The positive aspect of Park Village Pines is that it’s committed to caring for their clients with kindness, respect, compassion and encouragement in ensuring that they fully enjoy their lives. Moreover, according to the mission statement of Park Village Pines, it provides excellent and affordable senior housing alternatives guided by Christian principles. The assisted living care offered by Park Village Pines is a state-licensed program and, therefore, should offer services at lower prices or charges. Their charges range from $50,000 to $200,000, with regard to room type, and the level of care needed. This to my opinion is expensive, and charges should be reduced. Moreover, Park Village Pines operates under “Life Leasing Arrangement” in which residents do not sign leases and are obligated to pay their rent at the end of the month. This may inconvenience the organization in conducting their full operation. However, due to their quality services and assuming I am 85 year old, I would prefer Park Village Pines and enjoy living there.

In conclusion, Park Village Pines is an ideal place offering assisted living for the senior and elderly people. The place is committed to caring for their clients with kindness, respect, compassion, and comfort. Psychologically, the residents are at peace while in this place due to good living. In spite of high charges paid on a monthly basis, the quality services offered outweigh the cost.