Does the first or second paragraph explain who, what, when, where, and why? For instance, if it is an evaluation of films, does the essay state when the films were released, what company produced them, who the directors were, and what the public reaction to it appeared to be?
•Is there a paragraph that summarizes the subject—the plot of the film
•And, once again, does the thesis clearly make a judgment that explains which is the better film or video and why?
•Are the criteria or expectations used to “measure” the subject easy to grasp? There should be two or three criteria, and although your paper should not make obvious statements like, “My first criterion I used was an engaging plot . . .,” the reader needs to know what the writer was looking for when he or she made the judgment.
•Does the paper rely on supporting evidence in the form of paraphrased or direct quotations from secondary sources
I need the two to three points of criteria in the thesis
criteria needs to be in the following paragaphs and the conclusion.
Here is my thesis for the paper to give you a better idea of the essay. any questions please ask

The social stratification of the American society mainly focuses on the wealth, income, educational attainment, social networks, and family. As pointed out by Diana Kendall in her article “The Realities of Social Class,” the rich proceeds to be richer while the poor grow poorer. The Titanic and The Hunger Games are two classic movies that explore the issue of social class in their respective settings. Released in 2012, The Hunger Games focus on five main characters in a dystopian future in a nation referred to as Panem. Panem is partitioned into twelve districts of boys, and girls aged between 12 and 18that are forced to engage in Hunger Games. The Hunger Games denotes televised annual events whose main rule is that each tribute from the various districts should fight to the dead. It basically extrapolates the issue of survival in relation to class. The Titanic was released in 1997, and it follows the lives of two individuals, Jack and Rose, from two different social classes who fall in love and must fight all obstacles to stay together. The narrative ends with the sinking of the Titanic and the death of Jack who sacrifices to see Rose saved. While the two movies sufficiently handle the issue of social class in a clear manner, I perceive The Hunger Games to be a candid reflection of the social class system of the current US


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