A comparative essay

Katherine Mansfield: “The Doll’s House”
Frank O’Connor: “My Oedipus Complex”
Write a comparative essay that synthesizes the universal themes, point of view, tone, and other literary elements and demonstrates the author’s position and rhetorical stance on the connecting themes of these short stories. At the end of your essay, write your personal reflection on the content and literary elements in these stories. As you write, consider the following questions:

  1. The contemporary writer Anita Desai states, “Work is the business of adults, but play is often considered the business of children.” How is this statement demonstrated in the experiences of the children in these two stories?
  2. What coming of age realities did the children experience?
  3. What resolutions were derived as a result of these realities?
  4. Was there a sense of societal or personal alienation demonstrated by any of the characters due to gender, poverty, or other situations?

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