TASK: When attempting to enhance a country’s transport infrastructure which is the best method? Write a recommendation report for a government department in a chosen country / city in which you compare 2 transport methods. You will conclude the report by choosing one. When comparing the two transport methods, you must consider: Cost Environmental factors. The introduction -Has an interesting opening sentence (not using ‘nowadays’) -Shows background information, for example a definition or statistics. -Outlines the content of your report -Is formally written, clear and concise and no longer than 120 – 150 words. -Has two citations The background: -Is no longer than two paragraphs. Provides a brief overview of the country/region you have chosen Gives the reader an overview of current transport infrastructure in your chosen country. Describes the measures already taken in your country to address current transport infrastructure needs. The options Identifies the transport methods you have chosen Explains WHY these two options are your preferred options Explains HOW the options address the transport infrastructure problems in your chosen location. The requirements Explains the particular development/transport problems your country/city faces. Explains the country’s problems in terms of economic and environment factors. Is one or two paragraphs long. The comparison Your two transport options are compared against each other using the following criteria: ? Economic Factors (e.g. cost, investment) ? Environmental Factors (e.g. pollution, natural habitats) Analyses secondary data and reaches an informed decision Cites graphs, data and statistics to support your decision Clearly states at the end of each comparison subsection which of your two transport methods is the better option. The conclusion Briefly summarise the main findings of your comparison section Is one paragraph long Clearly shows which transport option (on the whole) is the stronger option based on all of the criteria you have looked at. The recommendation Clearly states which transport infrastructure project is your preferred option. Is one paragraph long Language is clear and direct. The reference list All data and citations used in your report are present and correctly referenced. Is organised in alphabetical order Is written in Harvard Style.

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