A country’s video presentation

Choose ONE from the below
countries and prepare a video presentation about it:

  1. USA
  2. Germany
  3. India
    The presentation must be done individually. The presentation
    must contain the following contextual elements with a focus
    on the country’s macroeconomic situation by using the
    indicators we learn during the course:
  4. General country profile (location, population, currency,
    what it is famous for, etc.)
  5. Macroeconomic situation for the years of 2018-2020:
    o Total nominal GDP
    o GDP per capita
    o GDP growth rate
    o Inflation rate
    o Unemployment rate
    o Government debt
  6. Recent events and information about how the
    country is tackling the COVID-19 pandemic and
    economic crisis
  7. Other interesting facts, fun facts, your own
    experiences, conclusion

Sample Solution