A critical review and analysis of the Strategic Management of World Fuel Services

Information your paper should provide:

  1. Organization Overview
  2. Mission, Vision & Philosophy
  3. Main Business Activities
  4. What competitive advantage, with an integrative approach, why and when the company
    you are researching would attack, defend, retreat or avoid (ADR(A) relative to a given
    competitive engagement
  5. How successful was the organization in their strategic decisions and planning?
  6. How did the organization react to their external environment to predict and detect
  7. What and how did the organization strategy align with the strategic philosophies depicted
    in Sun Tzu’s book “The Art of War”? As they relate to resource allocation to battles
    chosen for either external market stakes, or internal relative competitive strength.
    Notional Discussion content:
    • How did this organization use its influence?
    • How did the management of this organization handle crisis? (Business activities,
    employees, stakeholders, etc.)
    • Which values where predominant is the organizations culture? What were the outcomes?
    • What unique attributes make them unique as compared to like companies/competitors?
    Where they effective or ineffective? Why?

Sample Solution