A deductible business

A deductible business expense must be ordinary, necessary, and reasonable. Give an example of an expense that might be disallowed because it only meets two of the criteria.
Postings to discussions should be based on research of official IRS tax publications and cases found in your textbook, IRS.gov website, and/or other peer-reviewed tax resources—not personal experiences or opinions.
Your initial response to the discussion question should fully answer the question(s) asked. While I encourage you to write at least a paragraph, the content of your answer is more important that the length. Your response should be written in your own words, without quoting any other sources. If you are writing about an assigned reading from our text, be sure to include the author and title in the first sentence or two, so others know what piece you are referencing.
BOOK USED: McGraw-Hill’s Taxation of Individuals and Business Entities 2019 Edition
Author: Brian Spilker Chapters 9,10, &11

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