A dietician in a small community hospital

You are a dietician in a small community hospital. Your client is a 50-year-old (choose one: Asian, Pacific
Islander, African American, Alaska Native, or Hispanic/Latino) man. He had his appendix removed 3 days ago,
and even though he is encouraged to return to a “regular” diet he just doesn’t seem to eat. You learn through
the nurses on the floor that he grew up with a very “traditional” diet and states that the food at the hospital just
“doesn’t taste right.” You are working with him and his wife to find foods he will eat. His wife has offered to bring
in a meal for him and you are now working with her to plan what she can bring. Create a meal that includes the
traditional foods this man would be accustomed to. The meal should total between 800 and 1000 Calories.

Sample Solution