A good database

Online research is a key skill for Walden coursework. Success depends upon your ability to find good resources in order to respond to discussion posts, finish assignments, write papers, and ultimately complete a study for your capstone. This guide will introduce you to the basics of online searching in the Walden Library, including:

choosing the best databases for your research topic
performing successful searches that retrieve relevant results
evaluating those results and using articles that will meet your needs

Choosing a good database

The Walden Library collections are held in databases. These databases are collections of books, journals, magazines, newspapers, reports, and more. Using the database search page, you enter search terms—and the database will retrieve all the items that match those terms.

The Walden Library has over 100 different databases to use, including:

multidisciplinary databases, which contain journals and periodicals in a variety of subject areas
subject specific databases, which contain journals covering research in that subject area (such as medical journals, psychology journals, management journals, etc.).

So with all of these collections available to you, where do you start? First, identify what you need to find. Are you looking for a scholarly (or peer-reviewed) research articles, or statistics, or a measurement instrument for a study?

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