A historical event that describes an era

Describe how key historical events define an era.
Outline for write-up:
Part 1: Create a timeline in Microsoft Word that covers at least four major events that defined the 1960s. You can find templates for timelines online, or you can create your own timeline in Word (Click on Insert, SmartArt, Process for templates). Make sure that your timeline includes four events and the events are dated and occurred during the 1960s. If you are having difficulty formatting the transition from the timeline to the essay, you may need to use a section break to show a change in formatting in Word from the timeline section to the essay section. The section break is found under “Layout” in Microsoft Word.

Part 2: Write a brief, 300–500 word essay that explains how each of these four events that you included in your timeline are interrelated. You must elaborate here on why you chose each event and how the events relate to one another as well as relate to the 1960s. They may relate to one another by occurring in a similar time period, they may relate by dealing with a similar end goal in mind, or they may relate in any other way. The importance here is not how they relate but how well you make the case that they relate. You must also make the case that each of these four events work together to define the 1960s.

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