A Motor Speed Sampling, Amplification, Filtering and Display Circuit

Design the circuits used for motor speed sampling, amplification, filtering and display

• practice analogue and digital circuit design and optimization
• build a current amplifier circuit
• design a low-pass filter
• build a 7-segment display decoder
• display the output on the seven-segment display
• simulate the design in Proteus

US2 Knowledge and understanding of mathematical principles necessary to underpin their education in
their engineering discipline and to enable them to apply mathematical methods, tools and notations
proficiently in the analysis and solution of engineering problems
US1i Knowledge and understanding of the scientific principles underpinning relevant current technologies,
and their evolution.
US2i Knowledge and understanding of mathematics necessary to support application of key engineering
E1 Understanding of engineering principles and the ability to apply them to analyse key engineering
E2 Ability to identify, classify and describe the performance of systems and components through the use of
analytical methods and modelling techniques
E3 Ability to apply quantitative methods and computer software relevant to their engineering discipline, in
order to solve engineering problems
E4 Understanding of and ability to apply a systems approach to engineering problems
E1i Ability to monitor, interpret and apply the results of analysis and modelling in
order to bring about continuous improvement.
E4i Ability to apply a systems approach to engineering problems through the knowhow of the application of
the relevant technologies.
D4 Use creativity to establish innovative solution
D1i Define a problem and identify constraints.
D2i Design solutions according to customer and user needs.
D4i Ensure fitness for purpose (including operation, maintenance, reliability etc.).
P1 Knowledge of characteristics of particular materials, equipment, processes, or products
P2 Workshop and laboratory skills
P3 Understanding of contexts in which engineering knowledge can be applied (e.g. operations and
management, technology development, etc.)




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