A personal narrative essay

Please write a personal narrative essay with a good title. Please read the instructions and telling details prompt
carefully and also read the sample essay for more ideas. The important thing is that the paper should have a
theme! Please note that. I will provide some idea: Chinese parents always expect their children to become very
successful. When I was young, my parents and family members always expect me to do something I do not
actually like but I could not say no since this is not allowed in chinese cultures. They told me to learn piano,
learn golf and they think playing game is not good. I do not have a very good childhood since my parents do
not want me to be the “normal kid” (those who could enjoy outdoor activity) They told me that it is meaningless
to play around and I should focus on the things they asked me to do in order to be successful. When I study
abroad, they want me to study finance or economics, but I do not actually like this major. I have never been into
argument with them but I could only say yes to everything they asked me to do. I am very stressful and I do not
know what is the point of my life. I like sports management major a lot but I do not think I have the courage to
tell them. I am living in a delimma between what I really want to do and what others want me to do. Now I am
going to graduate, they will probably prepare a job they think is good for me but I probably do not like. You
could make up some stories based on my provided idea

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