A root-cause analysis of a quality or safety issue in a health care setting

For this assessment, you will use a supplied template to conduct a root-cause analysis of a quality or safety
issue in a health care setting of your choice and outline a plan to address the issue.
As patient safety concerns continue to be addressed in the health care settings, nurses can play an active role
in implementing safety improvement measures and plans. Often root-cause analyses are conducted and safety
improvement plans are created to address sentinel or adverse events such as medication errors, patient falls,
wrong-site surgery events, and hospital-acquired infections. Performing a root-cause analysis offers a
systematic approach for identifying causes of problems, including process and system-check failures. Once the
causes of failures have been determined, a safety improvement plan can be developed to prevent recurrences.
The baccalaureate nurse’s role as a leader is to create safety improvement plans as well as disseminate vitally
information to staff nurses and other health care professionals to protect patients and improve outcomes.
As you prepare for this assessment, it would be an excellent choice to complete the Quality and Safety
Improvement Plan Knowledge Base activity and to review the various assessment resources, all of which will
help you build your knowledge of key concepts and terms related to quality and safety improvement. The terms
and concepts will be helpful as you prepare your Root-Cause Analysis and Safety Improvement Plan. Activities
are not graded and demonstrate course engagement.

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