A Walk in My Shoes

Watch A Walk in My Shoes: Social Justice in Education Full Documentary (Links to an external site.).
Read Social justice leadership as praxis: Developing capacities through preparation programs.
Watch the Final Project Overview video (Links to an external site.).

In your journal, discuss the following:

Part I: Reflection

Discuss your understanding of social justice in education.
Explain ways in which you can create a learning environment that honors, educates and respects all learners from all backgrounds.
Share the social justice topics that interest you the most and why.
Part II: Selecting a Topic

From the topics you mentioned in your reflection, choose one to use for your final project. There is no right or wrong topic here, you will simply pick a topic you feel most interested in and provide your rationale.

Based on that topic, discuss the following:

Identify the topic you choose for your final project.
Provide a rationale to support your choice.
Discuss the impact this issue has on your leadership style.
Describe the impact this issue has on the community and families you serve.
Explain how this issue relates to current trends within early childhood education.
Describe the impact this issue has on social justice within the early childhood education field.

Sample Solution