Abdulmajeed Abdullah

write a paper about the singer Abdulmajeed Abdullah and COVID-19 impact on him, his live music, and solutions (how he dealt with it, and what would you think would be a solution for singers to survive during this pandemic.)
Also, include these things that happened to Abdulmajeed Abdullah:

  • Introduce him, and how he was doing for music before the pandemic
  • What happened after the pandemic? How he faced it to survive?
  • He closed his twitter account (why? and when? did he re-activate his account or not?)
  • He wanted to launch a new album, but was delayed during the pandemic.
  • He moved his studio to his house because of the quarantine and so
  • He did a live concert (a virtual concert) on instagram on MocSaudi and was trend
  • He made a snapchat account
  • U can search for whatever he did during covid and include it.

Sample Solution