Abnormal psychology

Now that you have received an introduction to the history of psychology, associated theories, diagnosis, and how to appropriately and ethically conduct research – think about what you want to know more about. Chapter 1 demonstrates that what we know about psychology continues to grow and evolve over time, but there is still a lot for us to learn. Pretend that you have unlimited resources (money and time) and come up with an abnormal psychology/psychopathology research question either to a known problem or area you would like to learn more about.

What is your research topic and question?
How are you going to answer your question, in other words what research method used in the study of psychopathology will you use?
Referring to chapter 2, what paradigm or framework do you think would be most likely to inform your research design/question and why? Refer to only ONE of the following when answering this question: genetic, neuroscience, cognitive/behavioral, emotional, sociocultural, interpersonal, or diathesis stress.
What is a potential problem you could experience when conducting your research study?
Are there any specific ethical concerns you should consider?

Sample Solution