Abortion: Parental Consent

The topic i chose was parental consent in regarding abortion.

This is what i started with, maybe it can help on writing the essay and making it easier.

“Parental consent should not be required to proceed with an abortion. No one should feel they have the power to tell a woman what to do with their body when it comes down to making life changing decisions like giving birth to a child. There are many factors that determine why it is the mother’s decision on whether an abortion is an option regardless of their age. Factors include being afraid of what people are going to say and think, not being financially and mentally prepared, the pregnancy being a result of unfortunate events, and risking health complications due to having to wait for parental consent.”

Some points i wrote:

  • If a female is in the age to be able to conceive a baby then they’re fully responsible for making their own decisions.
  • What others may think or say. ex: embarrassment, disappointment, being disowned, name-calling.
  • Maybe they were using safe contraception and something went wrong.
  • It cannot raise a child financially and mentally.
  • Unfortunate events such as rape by force, drugs, drinking, sex without consent and became pregnant.
  • Can be a delay in the abortion process risking health complications. The earlier it is done the safer it is.

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