Academic and Professional Development


Task: Individually you are required to write a career analysis of 2000 words

You are required to base your analysis on a potential career pathway. This needs to include a portfolio of evidence in an appendix.

The appendix will contain a short summary statement of your analysis of the results from each of the following sources:
1. Prospects Planner career profile details.
2. Belbin team role results.
3. Psychometric personality test results.
4. Johari window.
5. Emotional intelligence scale.
6. Motivated skills inventory.
7. Degree programme optional modules.

In this report, students are to demonstrate an analysis of the evidence and a reflection on their suitability for the specific career path.

The work needs to conclude with the identification of your future learning and skills requirements and the identification of a suitable degree pathway.

Submission Details: two printed copies and a copy of the final word document must be submitted through TURNITIN, both of these are required by the deadline.

Guidance notes:

• Title page: one for each printed copy, include module code/title, assessment number/title, your name, student number, seminar tutor, date and word count.
• Structure guidance: write in a report style using headings and subheadings. Start at a general level with a brief introduction telling us what you are going to cover in the report. Then analyse your suitability and motivation for the specific career path. Then move on to reflect on your current strengths and weaknesses in relation to the job requirements, using evidence from your appendices. Conclude by identifying your learning and skill development plans and the most suitable degree programme that will improve your chance of accessing the specific career path.
• Use line spacing = 1.5 and font size = 12 and include page numbers, bottom right
• Do not use plastic folders, just staple in the top left hand corner.
• Word count: do not include the title page, contents page, reference list or any appendices in the word count.
• Late or plagiarised assignments will be penalised in line with the policy set out in the Programme Guide.
• You are expected to use references from a range of sources which may include your set texts from the programme, but do not use Wikipedia, blog sites or other non-academic sources as a reference.

What we are looking for in the content:
• Evidence of your research and understanding of a specific career pathway that might suit you.
• The identification of and reflection on your core values / strengths / abilities / skills / motivations, based on the evidence in the appendix.
• A critical analysis of the positives and negatives of your current suitability for an entry job to your career pathway.
• Evidence of your identification of the specific learning, skills or experience that you might need to attain in order to progress along the career pathway.
• An evaluation of the most suitable degree programme to support your career.

Assessment criteria:

Detail statements of the assessment criteria are in your module guide. For this assessment, the applicable criteria and their weighting are as follows:

Assessment (% contribution to overall mark) Criteria Descriptor Weighting
Career analysis – 2000 words (50%) B Context 20
C Analysis and judgement 20
D Citations and references 5
E Written format 15
G Research 20
H Reflection 20

You will be awarded an individual mark out of 100.

Sample Solution