Academic Argument between 2 different readings selected from reading list.

Essay #3) An academic argument presenting your research questions, analysis, and contentions about two short stories from the Reading List #3 below. Consider what is at work in the production of the text(s), both in terms of historical context and the writer’s particular agenda and intent. Possible lenses to evaluate your text(s): politics, economics, race, gender, religion, law, technology, globalization, or rhetorical analysis. Find, utilize, and cite two academic secondary sources minimum to deepen your analysis and authority.
*3-4 pages / double-spaced / 12 pt. font / four MLA formatted quotes minimum / thesis statement / original title / MLA heading and works cited
Flannery O’Connor- “A Good Man is Hard to Find”
Philip Roth- “Defender of the Faith”
Alice Walker- “Everyday Use” or PDF File for “Everyday Use”
Raymond Carver- “Cathedral”
George Saunders- “CivilWarLand in Bad Decline”
Couldn’t seem to find a free link (copy) for this short story
Jhumpa Lahiri- ” Sexy”

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