Academic Honesty


Is Plagiarism Always Intentional?
Conduct an Internet search with the search phrase, “cases of plagiarism.” Find and share an article about a student or a professional who plagiarized. What was the violation that the student or professional was accused of? What were the sanctions? What could the student or professional do to prevent plagiarism in his or her work? Why does plagiarism matter, even when it is not intentional, in academics and in the professional field of psychology?

Now that you have read about some cases of violations of academic honesty and have explored some resources on how to paraphrase, cite, reference, and avoid plagiarism, describe your plan for how you will ensure that you will avoid plagiarism.

Response Guidelines
Read and respond to the posts of two other learners. Compare and contrast your responses with theirs. What ideas did you get from them on how to avoid plagiarism? What ideas can you offer them?




Sample Solution