Access Controls

You have been asked to give a presentation at an online training session for employees who are
now working from home. The subject of this training session is: Access Controls and Why They Matter.
Background: Access controls are security features that are usually considered the first line of defense in asset
protection. They are used to dictate how subjects access objects, and their main goal is to protect the objects
from unauthorized access. Access control models are frameworks that use access controls to enforce the rules
and objectives of the model (e.g. MAC, DAC, RBAC).
For this training, you should focus on the need to use Access Controls to protect corporate assets and data
which are accessible via equipment and networks within the Work From Home setting. In your talking points
you should also consider and address the frustrations that employees may feel when they encounter access
controls that are not set up to allow the same type of “inside” access as employees had when working on
company equipment inside company networks. (Explain why “turning off” access controls is not an acceptable
solution to remote access to internal networks and resources.) Finally, address some potential “insider threats”
which may exist in the Work From Home environment that need the countermeasures provided by access
controls. Such threats could include the actions of others residing in the home who have access to the
employee’s laptops or who use the same networks and network connections

Sample Solution