Accessibility Survey (Discussion 3)- Group 1


Conduct an accessibility survey using the form at the link below. This is the simplest tool I have found. Visit a recreation facility of your choice and complete the survey
1.What were your findings?
2.What were your reactions?
3.Did this facility meet your expectations for accessibility and usability?

ADA accommodations for existing businesses requires architectural
barriers to be removed if it is readily achievable (cheap and easy) based on
the size of the business. While a full review of a facility requires a third
party trained in the standards established by the 2010 ADA Standards for
Accessible Design and other local codes, this checklist will give a quick
appraisal of accessibility and should only take about 10 minutes. Answering
yes on the items will not necessarily achieve full compliance with all ADA
Most importantly – this business is committed to serving people with a
disability to the greatest extent possible in compliance with the ADA.
When approaching the business…
1. Does the business provide its own parking lot?
If no, please note location of closest accessible on-street parking:
2. Is there an accessible parking space on level ground marked with a
3. Is the van accessible space large enough to deploy lift? (16’ wide
including access aisle)
Please list the number of accessible spaces and van accessible spaces:
4. Is there a nearly level accessible route to the entrance (no stairs)?
5. Is the route paved, free of stairs, curbs, and significant cracks or holes?
6. Is the business entrance at least 32” wide?
7. Is the entrance pad level with a threshold no more than ½” high?
8. Can doors be opened with a closed fist (no grasping needed) or has a
When inside the business…
1. Are all items within reach or is assistance offered to reach them?
2. Is there a clear/unobstructed path (36” wide) to access goods/services?
3. Is there a clear view from a sitting position across the service desk?
4. If not accessible, are goods and services provided in an alternative
Communication access is required by the ADA for visually or hearing impaired.
5. Is lighting sufficient to read signage or another method of reading
6. Are acoustics comfortable? (no echoing, loud music, etc)
7. If customer is unable to hear, is there another form of communication?
(notes, etc)
1. Is there a ramp to the business?
2. Are handrails on both sides if ramp is higher than 6”?
3. Is the surface of the ramp smooth with no obvious cracks or bumps?
4. Does it have an incline no more than 1” rise to every 12” run?
5. Is there a level landing at both top and bottom of ramp?
1. Is there a public restroom?
2. Is restroom marked with signs with color contrast, Braille, and raised
3. Is signage on latch side of door between 48” and 60” high?
4. Are doorways a minimum of 32” wide?
5. Are doors, handles, and taps useable with a closed fist?
6. Is restroom large enough for wheelchair or walker turnaround (60”
7. Is toilet seat between 17-19” high?
8. Are grab bars easily reachable behind the toilet and on side walls?
9. Are basins and taps at least 30” with room for a wheelchair to roll
10. Are soap and towel dispensers no more than 48” from the floor?
1. Is there an elevator?
2. Are elevator controls low enough (48”) to be reached from a
3. Are elevator markings in Braille?
4. Do elevators provide audible and visible signals?
5. Do elevator interiors provide a depth of 54” from door to the back?
If the businesses is a Restaurant
1. Can customers sit in a wheelchair comfortably under the tables? (27”
2. Can customers maneuver between tables without bumping into chairs
(36” wide)?
3. Is there a large print menu, Braille menu, or online accessible menu?
If the business is a Hotel
1. Are room numbers in Braille and raised numbers?
2. Are doors at least 32” wide?
3. A clear space on either side of the bed(s) 36”?
4. Are visual alarms, for doorbells, phones, and fire alarms provided?
5. Are light switches, temperature controls no higher than 4’ and no
lower than 15”?
6. Are closet bars, hangers, shelves, and towels no higher than 4’ from
7. Do bathtubs have grab bars and bath benches, either built in or
8. Is there a roll in shower with folding bench or transfer chair?
9. Is there a handheld shower wand no higher than 48”?
10. Are water controls within reach when sitting down?

Sample Solution