Achilles vs. Agamemnon

Q: Consider the conflict between Agamemnon and Achilles. What is its source? What motivates each man? What are their virtues and flaws? With whom do your

sympathies lie, and why?

Answer: The conflict and anger between the two Greeks goes far beyond just war and differences. At which the two whom are suppose to fight together, fight

against each other. Achilles’ anger mainly sprouts from the frustration that he feels he and his men do all the hard work, “You’ve never had the guts to

buckle on armor in battle or come out with the best fighting Greeks on any campaign! Afraid to look death in the eye Agamemnon?” (xviii). Agamemnon fears that

his men do not respect him as they respect Achilles as his decisions are partaken by anger alone and that of the question as to who will follow who? Achilles

or Agamemnon?

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