Act of Advocacy

You are being asked to commit to an act of advocacy in the pursuit of JEDI. Please think of a realistic act of advocacy that you can achieve in your life. You are NOT required to complete this act, although I encourage you to try. This act could be something simple or more involved. It can take place over a few minutes, days, weeks, etc.

Please describe in detail this commitment by responding to the following:

Who are you advocating for?
What is the intended outcome of this act?
Describe the act of advocacy – What makes this an act of advocacy?
“I will commit to…”
How long will it take to complete this act?
Where will this act take place?
It is possible that you may not want to fight for JEDI. Should you not be interested in participating in an act of advocacy, respond to the following:
What are your main reservations for not committing to an act of advocacy?
What would you rather put your energy towards?

Sample Solution