Acting on stage

Distinguish characteristics of theatre that differentiate it from other art forms. Describe the functions of the various theatre personnel and identify various theatrical artists. Define specific terms relating to the study of theatre. The Initial Posting Respond to the following blog entry topic in the Blog area located under the Tools Menu: Watch a full episode of “Inside the Actor’s Studio.” Full episodes can often be found on YouTube. You may watch the episode of any actor you would like. Most episodes feature only one actor, although there are some episodes that feature groups. For a complete list of the show’s guests, go to the following page: (please note that the links that appear as the actors’ names are links to those actors’ Wikipedia sites, not the episodes; you will need to search for that actor’s episode on YouTube separately. Depending on which actor you search for, you might not be able to find the full episode in one videobut might be able to piece it together. You might be able to find the video you want to see somewhere other than YouTube; if so, please do.) After you have watched the full episode of your choice, write a 400-500 word response answering the following questions: 1. What actor(s) was featured in the video you watched? 2. What was one interesting story or observation that s/he told about his/her experience as an actor? 3. What did the actor say about his/her process in preparing for a particular role?



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